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      "You mean those little things the Japanese sleep on?"

      He did not look up, but heard her give a little sigh of relief, and knew that once again he had found the pulse in her that beat with his own.He did not look at the paper she handed him, on which his unconscious fingers had closed. He was not going to miss one infinitesimal fraction of the moment that she had at last given him. She frowned still, but that was the property of her tiresome search: it was neither his nor hers, as he or she mattered.

      Well, Im sure I should be puzzled to name a pleasanter evening she said. I thought it all quite brilliant, though Im sure I claim no share in its success except that I do think I gave you all a very good dinner. Im sure I never tasted a better bit of spring salmon than that. Was it not lucky it caught my eye this afternoon. And the slippers, too, Alice! It was quite a little comedy: I am sure I have seen many less amusing scenes in a play. To introduce everybody to his slippers! That was a good idea, and it must have been quite ex tempore, for I am certain he did not know what was inside the packet till he came to the last wrappings.

      "And what is the difference between Buddhism and Shintoism?" Frank inquired.

      Westward and westward went our travellers. From the Missouri River, the train crept gently up the slope of the Rocky Mountains, till it halted to take breath at the summit of the Pass, more than eight thousand feet above the level of the sea. Then, speeding on over the Laramie Plains, down into the great basin of Utah, winding through the green carpet of Echo Ca?on, skirting the shores of Great Salt Lake, shooting like a sunbeam over the wastes of the alkali desert, climbing the Sierra Nevada, darting through the snow-sheds and tunnels, descending the western slope to the level of the Pacific, it came to a halt at Oakland, on the shore of San Francisco Bay. The last morning of their journey our travellers were among the snows on the summit of the Sierras; at noon they were breathing the warm air of the lowlands of California, and before sundown they were looking out through the Golden Gate upon[Pg 46] the blue waters of the great Western ocean. Nowhere else in the world does the railway bring all the varieties of climate more closely together.

      Well, you felt right. Were together, my dear.Keeling looked at him with perfectly blank eyes.


      It is good-bye she said, and quite simply like a child she raised her face to his.


      "Oh, I know," answered Frank; "they are storks. I recognize them from the pictures I have seen on fans and screens. I'm sure they are storks."


      Charles looked at him rather curiously, and Keeling wondered whether some doubt as to his sobriety had crossed the young mans mind. The idea amused him.